Our Philosophy on
                                 Mathematics Tutoring
                                  The MATHmechanic
                                  Understanding the MATHmechanic
                                  philosophy is essential for grasping
our unique approach to mathematics tutoring.

Two Sides of the Coin
The Secret to Success in Mathematics:

One side of our philosophy emphasizes the importance of asking questions. We diligently encourage our students to inquire about anything they find unclear in mathematics. Our platform is designed to foster an environment where students feel comfortable and motivated to ask questions every day.

Consistency and Commitment:

The other side of our philosophy draws an analogy to running a marathon - you cannot get fit the day before the race. Similarly, mastering mathematics requires consistent effort. We require our students to spend at least 15 minutes each day on our website, engaging with our video content or completing online tests. These videos include detailed solutions to typical questions asked by students in the past.

Daily Support and Accessibility
We believe in providing continuous support rather than relying on "once per week" extra classes. To ensure our students receive the help they need, we are available every day. When personal contact is necessary, we utilize YouTube live streaming or online classes.

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