We effectively have one package, with different time options:

This package offers basically everything we have and everything we can give:
  • Personal, individual attention because we have a private conversation with each student, away from other students and their questions.
  • Guidance through every question, step-by-step.
  • Access to our database of video-memorandums of thousands of typical questions and theory (most of the videos came from students who have asked us questions over the years, and then we converted these questions to video-memorandums, and this makes it an excellent source for other students who want to revise the work).
  • Online tests and past papers.
  • The etutor, where we explain live on YouTube if the relevant video is not in the database already.
  • Online classes (at an extra fee) if it is required to have a two-way conversation.
Cost: (T&C's apply):
Month-to-month  : R600pm  (EFT)
36 months           : R230pm
24 months           : R350pm
12 months           : R499pm

The monthly packages are by debit order only

I want to enroll, what must I do?
Create a "Free Profile" and click below to see the page where the link to the application form is (enrol on the page using "Self Enrollment" by clicking on "Enrol Me"):
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