We are very picky when it comes to the type of student we work with!

We understand that the school days are very busy, and that time is limited, but the type of student that we work with:
  • Is disciplined enough to find 15 minutes for Mathematics every day

  • Is willing to question everything

  • Understand the responsibility to treat Mathematics differently  from all other subjects.

The idea of "Extra Classes" once per week will not be found with us.

What you will find is everyday-support for questions.

Just remember that there are two types of questions: Direct and indirect questions. We expect our students to do both!

Direct questions: Chat directly with us and ask the question.

Indirect questions: Use our video-database and online tests for research (research is just another word for "asking questions").

If you are the type of school learner who knows what you want in Mathematics, prepared to work towards that goal and knows what it will take, then we can walk the distance together.

We are not saying that you must be good in Mathematics, or have a talent for it. Not at all!
We are just asking that you are prepared to work for what you want to achieve.